10 secrets to dating

Western guys are happy to give their ladies a compliment or make a present.

Men from Russia usually show such attention only at the beginning of a relationship. But in Russia, The word “metrosexual” is considered insulting.

Ambitions may not be signs of a man’s current achievements, but they are indicators of future success.

And for Slavic women, it’s important because even if a man hasn’t achieved anything yet, he’ll definitely do it later.

Often, when dating Russian women, foreign men look for those, who are younger than them.

Marriages with a 10-15 year age difference are popular.

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Despite that she wants a better life, if a Russian girl had to choose between a foreigner and someone from her country, she would pick the second one.

On the contrary, foreigners are willing to spend money on their women, so that they always look beautiful.

Most Russian men can’t make as much money as a demanding woman needs.

There are women for whom this attribute is most important when choosing a partner.

A man with a sense of humor will never make his girlfriend feel bored.

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