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Women were expected to cook food and eat only after the men, with whatever meager amount of food is left.This led to rampant malnutrition among women, and an extremely poor health status.Though a number of constitutional amendments were made for women’s social, economic and political benefits, yet they were never effective to bring a radical change in the situation.Women had only the role of a ‘good wife’ to play, and if a woman ventured out to work, she was seen as a bad woman, going against societal norms.With the whole world celebrating International Women’s Day with great pomp and show, it would be only apt to analyse the position and space Indian women occupy today, and comparing it to the time 60 years ago when the country had just gained independence.With women participating in nationalist movements, to being pushed into the domestic household space, to their resurgence as super-women today, women in our country have seen it all.Sprawling inequalities persisted in their access to education, health care, physical and financial resources and opportunities in political, social and cultural spheres. And since men were better educated than girls, the demands were even more.

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What better than India to exemplify this statement by Simone de Beauvoir.A very few were allowed into the public space, which she was expected to manage on her own, while maintaining her domestic role as a homemaker.In spite of the Sharda Act which was passed in the 1950s to raise the marital age limit for girls, child marriage particularly in North India was quite prevalent though the average age at marriage for females was increased to 18.Though at some levels like dowry, crimes like rape, sexual harassment at office or public places, and molestation, eve-teasing, even after over sixty years of independence women are still exploited, which is the shameful side of our country.Yet one can’t deny that the situation has improved since the earlier times.

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