1960s dating customs

“When the lights went up, I thought, Am I [a baddie too]?

I still considered her name an insult — the woman who won’t let the boys have their fun.

” Ten years ago, I wasn’t ready to answer that question.

What’s most troubling about my Wish Tree memory is not what the boy wrote but that I laughed at it.

) Here is the tricky and brilliantly fearless thing about Yoko Ono’s art: It inherently makes peace with that teenage boy’s irreverent response. Drawn to words like “incomplete,” Ono has always trusted the viewer to finish her work.

When she got together with John Lennon during the latter part of the era covered by the show — the same era when she became arguably the most hated woman in the world — her art continued to engage with whatever anybody had to say about her.

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