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Such calculations rely upon many assumptions about mutation rate, recombination rate, and other factors, that are known to vary widely.

All of this entails retrospective calculations about events in the far distant past, for which we have no directly verifiable data.

Such methodology produces, at best, solely conclusions, based on available evidence and the assumptions used to evaluate the data.

There is the inherent possibility that an unknown factor will alter the conclusion, similarly as was the unexpected discovery of black swans in Australia, when the whole world “knew” all swans were white.

This universal evolutionary perspective leads many Catholics and others to conclude that a literal Adam and Eve is “scientifically impossible” for two reasons: First, paleoanthropologists deny the sudden appearance of intelligent, self-reflective, fully-human primates, but rather view the emergence of consciousness and intelligence as taking place slowly and incrementally over long periods of time.

Second, in light of recent findings in molecular biology, especially from studies based on genetic data gleaned from the Human Genome Project, it is claimed that the hominin population (the primate group from which modern man is said to have arisen) has never had a bottleneck (reduced population) of a single mating pair in the last seven or more million years: no literal Adam and Eve.

The fact that positivistic scientists cannot discern the first presence of true man is hardly remarkable.

Third, a correct understanding of the scientific (inductive) method reveals that it cannot ever logically exclude the possibility of two sole founders of humanity.

Effective population size estimates can vary from as high as 14,000 (Blum 2011) to as low as 2,000 (Tenesa 2007), depending on the methods used.

Irrational animals, including subhuman primates, are capable of complex sentient behaviors often approaching or imitating the rational activities of true man.

But an animal either possesses a spiritual, intellectual soul or not.

Sometimes true men share mere animal survival behavior and sometimes truly human behavior is lost to modern sight due to the ravages of time.

What matters is that genuinely spiritual powers are either present or not, and that these alone bespeak the presence of true man.

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