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This is often easier said than done but you need to try to work together on important issues that affect your son.If she does not listen or share your concerns, the next step would be to try and Seek Mediation.The NSPCC guidelines say that a child should probably not be left home alone until they are 13. The real issue is whether your child’s step-sister is responsible, capable and able to deal with any problems that may arise.Being left until the early hours of the morning at that age, with a 16-month-old child to look after, is a lot of a responsibility.However, if you believe that you have legitimate concerns about the care of your child, you have every right to raise them.There is no legal age in the UK for when a child can be left at home on their own or when they can babysit a sibling.I have a full time career in a national role which I means I have to have nights away from home intermittently.I want to have my daughter come to live with me but worry how I can juggle my job and care for her.

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She is living on benefits has not declared,, my concern is when they get caught it will impact on the four children any advice.Is there any advice on who I could talk to or organisations that could help with childcare and point me in the right direction.I know this sounds as if I`m putting my job before my daughter but without my salary I would lose my rented apartment, company car and this would ultimately effect my capability to be able to look after her. Its the same old story we as men have no rights in the uk and women play the system as thy don't want to lose all the nice benefits that thy get thy need to be taken down a peg or two a mother who stops her child from seeing his or her dad is not a mother in my books thy should be sent to jail I have not seen my boys for 9 mouths now and I have dune nothing wrong but let me say this to all dads out there the secret family courts are so corrupt we don't stand a chance and all it is is a gravy train for caff cass and solicitors its not in the best interest or the child at all that is a lode of tat and let us not forget y we will never see change who has the most votes in the uk guess what guys women say no more in my opinion if you cant see your kids do not pay for then put the money in a trust for them and tell the csa.As the father, you have legal responsibilities and rights to be involved in the raising of your child (see our article Your Separated Father's Rights).In general, if the child lives with your ex, then she has the say over the everyday decisions, while you should be allowed influence on major decisions.

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