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I'm a single parent who is struggling imensly financially and have 2 disabled children and an older one with bipolar I have not internet no computer for them and not enough money to pay the bills I'm constantly at appointments I'm in ill health and feel so low can anyone help me My son Connor was one of the first in the UK to have secretin infusions to treat his Autism.

Connor went to SEN nursery, head butted, lined things up, flapped his arms, no eye contact and hit everyone. At the age of 5, Connor had his first infusion, the very same day we saw his autistic traits lesson.

Moreover, there are many things she is still unable to do herself.

For instance, she cannot hold anything, feed by herself, run around like her peers (her doctor says she has a poor gait) or focus her attention on anything or anyone for long. According to the doctor's diagnosis, my daughter is suffering from autism and cerebral palsy.

Most of the time Michaels seizures are not any worse than the ones he was having with the medication but every 2 to three months he has a big seizure which he needs to go to hospital for.

Apart from this, she drools and consistently scratching and biting her hands.

she cries a lot too and, lately, occasionally mildly violent and experiences seizures.

Ava was born with very rare genetic disorder called Joubert Syndrome, there are only 417 cases reported in the hole world.

She was born on March 6,2012 weighing in at 7lbs 13oz.

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