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This looks like real entertainment, what we all like to see, a film that celebrates the Victimization of Women! Just adding my birthday congratulations to Ralphus and the board. I know this was brought up before, but what exactly is the appeal of seeing women in costumes...presumably women with special powers...being put in dangerous situations? Maybe I just outgrew the idea of fantasy films involving fantasy characters.

Ironically, looks like Tarantino is behind this one, too, so maybe he'll get this one right. Take a bow everyone who contributes - take a risk everyone who doesn't. Now, I know when I was a kid, I was pretty excited whenever Batman came on, and it was a turn-on seeing the dynamic duo and especially Batgirl being placed some sort of deathtrap that they had to endure, like Batgirl being tied to the conveyor belt heading for the buzzsaw, for instance. Especially with my bondage fantasies; they are firmly grounded in reality.

Because they are trying to define sexual normalcy as a feminine-positive, politically correct thing. It fits in there somewhere between the female bodybuilder on steroids and the Russian powerlifter. GIMP POLL: Superheroine Bondage: Do you like it, love it, or are you lukewarm about it? I like it only in the sense that it's just another good possibility for a bondage scene.

I can't say that I completely follow the Foucault arguments you have described (maybe I should read the books myself), but I do find them interesting. I guess those tits and hot irons will have to wait. Forget that shit about "Guys Don't Make Passes At Girls Who Wear Glasses." We make passes at them, we take their clothes off, and we **** them, too! At the moment, I would do anything to get hold of the Ballista films to see Lisa in merciless peril, but having only seen the stills, I can say outright that they certainly work for me. I think there's some weird arrested development thing at play too. Cartoon bondage where the girl looks more realistic is more appealing - think of the Japanese girls in the tentacle bondage. Superheroes - think Wonder Woman, for example - look totally fake.

These days, of course, the moral crusaders tend to fall back on the same argument over and over again to defend their actions -- they do it all to "protect the children." It's a pretty lame argument, and makes you think many of the so-called "normal" people haven't taken the time that we "deviants" have to stop and seriously think about morality issues. it's nubile girls being subjected to sexualized violence. I guess I don't really have anything original to say about that combination. I like them to keep their glasses on, and they usually prefer it. On the other hand, there is always the risk that the superhero is TOO strong and it's a setup for her to escape her fate. I think that there's something about a really pure, good girl getting put through the ringer that really does it for me, and superheroine fantasies really push those buttons. The first chicks in bondage I saw were in comic books and cartoons, so that kind of fantasy scenario really pulls the trigger. I guess if I grown up watching Zorro I'd have a thing for Mexican women being abducted by evil land barons. But have you ever seen a real young woman with a gorgeous body in spandex? But those rare times in your life when you actually run across a girl's body which meets your idea of perfection, it's just breathtaking.

The above URL is a gallery that should provide a few happy memories for HOM fans... Realism works for me, and just about anything else that comes across as too fantastic or unbelievable... Now, I know I gave high grades to the ZFX "Ballista" films...

The link that eisenkette sent contains an offer to buy, what is for me, one of the hottest little bits of bondage ever. Part 2, for example, I consider one of the high marks of Rick Masters' career.

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