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Bob Parsons, CEO and founder of domain registration company Go, says this type of business is fairly straightforward."They make their money in two ways," Parsons said."One way is through the traffic they get and the other is the appreciation of the name."Parson didn't think there was anything wrong with the practice as long as those involved weren't using names trademarked by others."Domain names are becoming 21st century real estate," Parsons said.

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Goldberger and Fischer declined to say how much money they make from pay-per-click advertising.

These are boom times in an estimated billion industry that involves the buying and selling of domain names.

Fischer, 44, of Brooklyn, New York, and Goldberger, 46, of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, figured there was money to be made early.

The company took names and provided content and links for owners, getting a cut of the advertising revenue.

At one point, represented 150 owners with about 150,000 domain names, generating 50 million unique visitors a month.

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