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It’s just a matter of the fact that you see the beauty and the talent and the positive attributes of each of your children and it holds the same for your chocolate.

Each one of our bars that we’ve released so far stands up very well on its own and has its own unique characteristics.

I think a lot of the flavored chocolates that you see are created because of the fact that most chocolate companies in the world buy their chocolate from another manufacturer.

If everyone is buying their chocolate from three or four or five major companies and another handful of smaller companies, the way they have to differentiate themselves it is to do things like flavoring their chocolate.

If you’ve ever seen the book on the Peter Principle, it talks about people rising to the highest level of mediocrity and I think it that tends to be what happens.

You end up with the situation where when something comes along that is truly great and special, it has to be treated in a way that lowers its quality rather than lets it shine.

Because of that, there are going to be variations from year to year and even batch to batch.At the same time, there is a great historical tradition of flavoring chocolate going all the way back to Montezuma, if not earlier. It’s like when you have kids and you end up not having a favorite kid.If somebody wants to flavor their chocolate, from my perspective, that’s fine, but I hope that our chocolate is good enough that no one is tempted to do that or to feel that it is needed. You might be tempted to, but you just don’t and it’s not a matter of being politically correct (don’t know if that’s quite the right word), but just not wanting to select one.It can be very complicated at times because you have to be really cognizant as to the flavor differences from bag to bag and how that will affect the batch as a whole.You also have to be cognizant of the fact that a lot of the flavor changes that you see are not going to necessarily really show up until three or four steps down in the process.

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