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While Laura enjoyed lesbian sex, and certainly Connie had done everything possible to reinforce a strict lesbian lifestyle on my girlfriend, Laura was never completely a lesbian.

Laura confided that Connie knew she was still having sex with me and that was a source of major disappointment as she wanted to completely turn her into a little dyke.

But it was difficult as neither of us was rather bold when it came to picking up partners.

I'm not sure shy is the right word but neither of us were comfortable being the aggressor and coming onto a woman or man at a bar.

Ashley and Laura had been tennis partners and played doubles on the women's team.

A stunning girl, Ashley had been dating a guy at State she had actually met in high school.

I watched as these two spanked and beat the woman and later she was made to perform oral sex on them both.

Although we were a little more successful when we found an adult internet dating site but even those encounters left us wanting a little more.

Laura and I acted out our fantasies at role playing, tying each other up and being the master/slave for the evening but neither of were entirely comfortable in the role.

Laura and I got married shortly after she graduated and we decided to make our home in Raleigh.

The first few years of marriage was great but we knew we both enjoyed a little variety in our lovemaking and we tried experimenting with threesomes and swapping with other couples that we met in clubs.

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