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I got the same TXT its not from using the web on your phone.

Spring and other phone companys are working on it right now. I got the same message dont want no girls calling me looking me up or nothing so please no more texting wasting my text messages I have to pay for that I will report this to the company to have you blocked from my number I dont like you texting me. Its nothing but a bunch of trouble you know so people could take this the wrong. The girl dreamer203i is just a ploy to get you to sign up to the site.

i have recived this for the past four weeks in a row, & needless to say i am not to pleased about this, i am starting a online patition to have buddy jungle shut down, hopefully with enough support this will draw some media attention & these people will be forced to shut down.

My number is strictly private and known to just a few people. I am thinking somewhere in the fine print, Myxer says they will occasionally give your number to others, but I am not certain of this. But I attest that harassing telemarketing calls started after I signed up for Myxer! Hey, I just got the same-ish text today, has anyone figured out exactly what this is yet??

The number 267 401-1051.obviously its span websites are retarded like the myspace one someone has a crush on you thing somehow they got a ton of cell numbers i just got mine now its something alexis as well and the number 1234 stupid I got a text saying "Hey, I took your digits off our friend, I bet you can't guess who i am! u can find me online, my page is" its perverted and it needs to stop this crap right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm on sprint, I dunno if that's why, I haven't used anyone ringtone downloads or something like that, I've had the phone/service for just over a week! Message: "hii : D I took your # off a friend, I bet you won't guess who this is!

Feel free to leave a comment and let us know if this number is dangerous.

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