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The following article may help you: 4 Great Ways to Overcome Resistance in Law of Attraction 2. We haven't communicated for 3 days and I just know he's gone on with his life. I wake up at night saying his name.” It sounds like you're too attached to the outcome.

“I am am confused about how I should know/recognize the feeling of oneness with my relationship with my person.” When you're at one with your relationship, you don't doubt whether or not it's going to manifest. You're at peace with everything and time is meaningless. I suggest you reread chapters 3, 7, 9, and 10 of my book, Manifesting Love. The following articles may also help you use the Law of Attraction for your specific person: Remember the Law of Attraction states your thoughts and feelings have the power to create.

When you see him and become disappointed, you’re sending out negative energy.

Instead of seeing it as a failure, you should acknowledge that you have successfully manifested him (you did run into him after all), be grateful and allow more to happen.

I try to think positively about my specific person, but it always turns negative. ” This is usually caused by resistance and limiting beliefs. I really do appreciate all you do on this subject that seems so complicated.” I get asked about signs a lot!

I wrote an article about it to try to answer the many questions: Ultimate Guide to Signs that Your Desire is Manifesting.

But once you became dejected and started thinking it isn’t working, you should give up, etc., you told the Universe to not bring you the relationship…and it didn’t. ” This is a clear sign of resistance and attachment!

Do you think the naysayers don't understand to visualize with feeling/heart energy/oneness?It always gives me the feeling I want to give up.” Celebrate your success!You successfully manifested running into your ex and spending time with him!If you read the article, you can tell that I ultimately agree with Neville.Don't be concerned with signs from the outer world.

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