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Run 'make config' or 'make menuconfig' to select the functionality that you wish to enable.

Then run 'make' to compile Busy Box using your configuration.

It is also extremely modular so you can easily include or exclude commands (or features) at compile time.

This makes it easy to customize your embedded systems.

Print first 10 lines of each FILE to standard output.

-s Image -c Hide cursor -d Framebuffer device (default /dev/fb0) -i Config file (var=value): BAR_LEFT, BAR_TOP, BAR_WIDTH, BAR_HEIGHT BAR_R, BAR_G, BAR_B -f Control pipe (else exit after drawing image) commands: 'NN' (% for progress bar) or 'exit' -u Start and End are in sectors (instead of cylinders) -l Show partition table for each DISK, then exit -b 2048 (for certain MO disks) use 2048-byte sectors -C CYLINDERS Set number of cylinders/heads/sectors -H HEADS -follow Dereference symlinks -xdev Don't descend directories on other filesystems -maxdepth N Descend at most N levels.

-maxdepth 0 applies tests/actions to command line arguments only -mindepth N Do not act on first N levels -name PATTERN File name (w/o directory name) matches PATTERN -iname PATTERN Case insensitive -name -path PATTERN Path matches PATTERN -regex PATTERN Path matches regex PATTERN -type X File type is X (X is one of: f,d,l,b,c,...) -perm NNN Permissions match any of ( NNN), all of (-NNN), or exactly (NNN) -mtime DAYS Modified time is greater than ( N), less than (-N), or exactly (N) days -mmin MINS Modified time is greater than ( N), less than (-N), or exactly (N) minutes -newer FILE Modified time is more recent than FILE's -inum N File has inode number N -user NAME File is owned by user NAME (numeric user ID allowed) -group NAME File belongs to group NAME (numeric group ID allowed) -depth Process directory name after traversing it -size N[bck] File size is N (c:bytes,k:kbytes,b:512 bytes(def.)).

You can also invoke Busy Box by issuing a command as an argument on the command line.

For example, entering will also cause Busy Box to behave as 'ls'.

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