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So first off, pip pip and cherrio from London, and all that.

Call it unromantic if you must, but it’s big and it’s wonderful and real: If you date a Brit, fall in love, and marry one, you get yourself some free, high-quality healthcare.

You haven’t truly lived until you’ve heard a real Englishman – who, if I may rudely boast, has the strong singing voice – cover “Twist and Shout” at karaoke. As it is every time he, with his strong Northern inflection, refers to me as “gal.” 4.

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You will stroll arm in arm down scenic and historic streets, sipping tea, eating scones.

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They enjoy looking at and flirting with other women but they stick to their dates or partners.

I know this is terribly cliché, but it is also the straightforward truth. Many of the liberals – or the Labor Party as they’re called over here – believe the institution is ridiculous. He finds this offensive, and it has become a regular part of my day, being told I ought to expand my taste. He feels I owe it to both myself and to him to invest time and affection in shows like “Peep Show,” “The IT Crowd,” and “Her and Him.” So I’m trying.

My experience with the Brits has revealed polarizing reactions to the monarchy. “You only like American TV.” It is true that, as Americans, we don’t grow up watching much British TV. What this means, at least for me and my boyfriend, is that he has a real taste for the American sitcom, but I lack a taste for the British.

Never in my life have my teeth looked so white, so clean, so straight.

That’s four visits to England, a shit-ton of Scotch eggs, an obsession with Princess Di or Jack the Ripper (depends on the day), a fair amount of hearing about how dumb Americans are and a lot of insight into the culture. Is it their tendency to colonize and blindly follow a monarchy? So, to help you catch your very own British man, here are some tips — from a few British men themselves. But in America, the accent elevates me, and, well, prettier girls — like 9s — tend to like you more.

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