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As Davis [29] note, how the use of the Internet to find sex partners may be associated with sexual practices and risk for HIV transmission among MSM is not well understood.

While their own qualitative research suggests that some MSM may engage in the sophisticated construction and interpretation of online profiles to mitigate HIV-transmission risk [29, 30], it is unclear how widespread this relying on online profiles is.

Our meeting room is unstylish, but many of the people here would look at home in the bars and restaurants of the West End.

This leaves unaddressed what occurs during direct contact, in particular online, which may contribute to sexual practices and HIV transmission risk that differ from what is communicated and understood through online profiles.But why would anyone be hooked on working for nothing or a wage lower than what they deserve?We are just a few streets away from the designer shops of London’s Bond Street, where shoppers throng as though the economic crisis isn’t happening.One man’s voice wavered as he described his steps to gaining greater autonomy in his job, while another woman rattled through pages of notes at high speed in her allotted three minutes to pack in tales of low self-esteem dating back to childhood. As well as attending meetings, you start out on a rigorous programme of filling in time-sheets and setting goals for every aspect of your life.You must pay your debts, set up savings schemes and plan your financial future into your 90s.

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