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During World War 2 it went back to military use as the Coast Artillery Replacement Training Center.

View Profile: Fort Eustis » Fort Lee Camp Lee was created in Virginia just a couple weeks after war was declared with Germany during WWI.

In 1819, the largest stone fort built by the Army was constructed on the same spot because of its strategic location.

Finally completed in 1834, it was known for a while as the Gibraltar of Chesapeake Bay.

View Profile: Fort Lee » Fort Monroe Fort Monroe occupies land that was originally Fort Algernourne in the early 17th century although it only lasted a few years before being burned to the ground.

Fort George occupied the site in the 18th century but it was destroyed by a hurricane in 1749.

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STUTTGART, Germany — The United States wants to spend more than million to upgrade military facilities in Turkey, including the strategic Incirlik Air Base and a discrete outpost used by soldiers operating quietly along NATO’s southern flank. The funding request, along with another .4 million from the Army for an undisclosed “forward operating site,” is part of the White House’s proposed 2018 budget. While the Air Force has been a fixture in Turkey dating back to the early days of the Cold War, the Army’s role in Turkey is more opaque.Construction began in 1917 and shortly after, more than 10,000 troops were stationed there.After WW1, the area was turned into a game reserve.By the start of World War 1 and throughout that conflict, the base was home to various engineering, artillery, chemical companies and regiments. John Patton Story, who was well known for coastal artillery.View Profile: Fort Myer » Fort Story At one point Fort Story was a sub-installation of Fort Eustis located on the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay. The base died down after World War 1, but at the start of World War 2, it was again being fortified.

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