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I have never found her overly friendly, but figured this makes sense as she would have to keep some boundary between us, since she is marking us and our scores affect our annual performance review and bonus.

I have never had a really bad call review, but the idea of listening to my calls always gives me extreme anxiety, to the point I dread it the night before.

It’s been less than two weeks but the deadline is in a few days.

The hiring manager for role #1 had been unusually kind in her rejection: she highlighted a few skills she thought were particularly strong and encouraged me to apply for other positions.

Because of this, we have a “companion pass” through this airline. So for my return flight after the conference, I booked one ticket in his name and added me to the reservation as a free companion.

I submitted my initial outgoing flight (in my name) and this return flight (in his name, with me as a free companion) for reimbursement.

I’m concerned she remembers me as having a very niche background, which is less true now.I’m worried though about how an incomplete Ph D is going to look when applying for jobs – that it looks like I’m directionless, unable to commit, can’t see a thing through, etc.I know that I want to work in the nonprofit, social justice space, which was my interest in the Ph D anyway, but I already feel at such a disadvantage from having foregone the years of work experience that I’m tempted to skirt around the whole thing by appealing to a change in personal circumstances.But that makes me seem like I’m not committed to this new direction instead!Nah, I think you can leave it on your resume and frame it as “I realized partway into the program that ____ (describe what realization changed your mind) and after a lot of thought, realized that while my program was giving me ____ (describe some things you benefitted from in the program), I really want to invest my time in ____.” People drop out of Ph D programs! Reasonable employers aren’t going to judge it negatively as long as you can convincingly fill in the blanks above. Emailing a hiring manager when I was previously rejected by the same people A related role in the same department was recently posted and I applied right away.

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