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You create a custom output-cache provider as a class that derives from the new .

In addition, you can select different output-cache providers per control and per request.

The following illustration shows the various components in the ribbon designer.

Note: 2008 and older issues are only available as files.

These groups appear on separate tabs in a strip across the top of the window. A ribbon can significantly improve application usability. In Visual Studio 2010, the ribbon designer provides an alternative method for building ribbons.

First, create and customize a ribbon as a resource.

NET 1.0 was released, output caching has enabled developers to store the generated output of pages, controls, and HTTP responses in memory. NET can serve content more quickly by retrieving the generated output from memory instead of regenerating the output from scratch.

NET Framework as new features have been added, such as Ajax, routing, and integration with IIS 7.

In the designer, you can add, remove, and customize elements on the ribbon, the Application button, or the quick access toolbar.

You can also link events, for example, button-click events and menu events, to a method in your application.

Output-cache providers can use any storage mechanism to persist HTML content.

This makes it possible to create custom output-cache providers for diverse persistence mechanisms, which can include local or remote disks, cloud storage, and distributed cache engines.

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