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However, Chise is very inexperienced and does not know much about relationships to the point she reads shōjo manga for advice.She was turned into the ultimate weapon against her will and the series revolves around her and her fading humanity.The main conflict is within Chise herself; she questions whether or not she is human.Her soul is constantly trying to be a normal girl, while her body succumbs to the devastating effects of the weapon cell within her.

Although who the Japanese are fighting is never explicitly explained, in one episode an enemy plane is shot down near the city and the pilot's one or two lines are in near perfect American English.He and his friends run for cover, but notice a fast and small flying object shooting down the enemy bombers.Separated from his friends, Shuji wanders through the wreckage—only to stumble upon Chise; here she has metal wings and weapons—apparently grafted onto her body.In the final episodes of the anime, she appears to be nothing more than a cold, ruthless machine that delights in her growing, destructive powers and killing people without mercy. Throughout the story, she tries to come to terms with her body while still trying to convince herself that she is still human.She believes that she is nothing more than a weapon designed to kill.

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