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But the film moves forward, raising more questions and thoughts, leaving behind whatever it last asked.

David befriends and ultimately competes with the men of the hotel (Ben Whishaw, John C. As on The Bachelor, the guests speak with the rigidity and specificity of performers, seeking the approval of both potential mates and the producers of the charade.

David (Colin Farrell), recently dumped by his wife of 11 years, is the newest guest of heartbreak hotel.

He's emotionally fragile, a little pragmatic, and, much like a reality contestant, more interested in winning this game than finding true love.

And like The Bachelor, it has my passionate recommendation even though it left me feeling yucky and unsatisfied.

I’m a journalist who’s a runner; a runner who’s a journalist.

Click on my pic if you'd like to know more about me - and Charlize Theron.

This isn't a movie about real people, but bodies that represent different ideas and beliefs.

) and covers events like the Cannes Film Festival, the Oscars, the Sundance Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival and San Diego Comic Con.

And when I'm not sitting down with celebs, I'm running.

Newly minted couples — the validity of coupledom is adjudicated by the management — are expected to complete tests.

First, they must last two weeks together in a shared bedroom, and then, survive the most treacherous measure of a relationship: two weeks of vacationing alone.

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