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[]: Blayke (mnavy): oh []: Blayke (mnavy): hmm []: Eraser [mnavy]: RTFM []: Blayke (mnavy): ok nm []: Blayke (mnavy): im an idiot []: Hair (mnavy): look blayke, we arent all like you, using wish scrolls for blank maps : D bugstat tarken ,--------------------------------------------------------------------------. You hit Archwizard, Archwizard and Archwizard with your song. Pyggins lapses into unconsciousness from severe loss of blood. | Name | New | Assgn | Ackno | Confm | Feedb | Rslvd | Closd | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Tarken | 17 | 3 | 26 | 29 | 4 | 4 | 3000 | `--------------------------------------------------------------------------' Total tracks: 3083 New/Assigned tracks: 20 Confirmed/Acknowledged tracks: 55 Tracks awaiting feedback: 4 Closed/Resolved tracks: 3004 ------------------------------------------- Closure percentage: 97% 3000 closed bug reports. : I have this rule that if someone claims that there is a bug in a commonly used item, or stuff disappearing from inventory/whatnot, and there aren't dozens of people shouting at you about the same issue, it's 99.999999999% likely to be an user error (like Ulath said) :) Sooooo true : D []: Fuser (party(Hokuten)): i'm going to run you a bunch of explore []: Fuser (party(Hokuten)): it will get you a lot of exp, quickly []: Zaldor [party(Hokuten)]: Okay, thanks! hp: 0 (608) [] sp: 206 (480) [-137] ep: 378 (378) [] cash: 822 [] exp: 63754 [ 1983] Spell Material Reagent --------------------------------------------------------------------- acid blast olivine handful of olivine powder acid shield stone stone cube acid storm bloodstone pair of interlocked rings armour of aether highsteel small highsteel disc aura of wind leather tiny leather bag (empty) blast vacuum bronze bronze marble cold ray steel steel arrowhead electrocution electrum small piece of electrum wire flame shield glass small glass cone frost shield fur grey fur triangle golden arrow copper copper rod hailstorm onyx handful of onyx gravel killing cloud ebony ebony tube lava blast granite granite sphere lava storm cobalt blue cobalt cup (empty) lightning shield iron small iron rod lightning storm tungsten cluster of tungsten wires magic eruption platinum tiny platinum hammer repulsor aura quartz quartz prism shield of detox. Tarkenman." () You emote to Ens 'stomps you flat.' () You tell Ens 'Status report, Rear Admiral Ens! getting ready for evac to sweden.' () You emote to Ens 'eeps at you.' () Ens tells you 'i must be at the dust-off site tommorow at 5pm' () You emote to Ens 'goes 'Heh' at you.' () You tell Ens 'evac? Talk about reverse role playing :) Hair (team ): dont worry, he will be assigned to bearing strait patrols Hair (team ): then when he gets out and moves to finland, his blood will have thickened enough to take it Nazrix [bat]: I remember friend of Dogi's who was soldier in Croat-Serbo-Bosnia n war came to visit America and he was robbed at knife point 20 minutes after leaving airport. : Is it weird to watch porn and eat at the same time? There are seven damagetypes to choose from, during the test you must be hit by each at least once. []:[bat]: Bazil looks around with a serious face and says 'Nah'. You do not have to take all 10 hits if you do not think you will survive, you will be returned home after the time has elapsed. hp: 615 (615) [] sp: 489 (489) [] ep: 93 (333) [ 17] cash: 0 [-321] exp: 316925 [] Desos acks. : D' Sirdar tells you '(i never knew arches do that)' reply I'm not an arch! Or is there some sort of special exception in place for animist/liberator combo? []: Pyggins (tunes): has this been answered already? Wandering around Fire Island trashed is an acceptable plan for any night. Doing 90 over the Robert Moses bridge or on Ocean Parkway is perfectly fine. When you say that you are going to "the outlets", Tanger is implied. You have a friends who swears they saw Billy Joel somewhere in Oyster Bay 70. " you answer Long-Guy-Land and automatically assume everyone in the world knows that answer means New York. You've seen the commercials, and you've craved their shakes, but you know damn well there are no DQ's or Sonics on Long Island. You remember all the good times had at Nunleys, and the emotional distress it caused when it was closed down. When you or someone you know attends SUNY Albany, Buffalo, or Binghamton 74. [No Longer Stunned] You fall unconscious from the pain. Session summary: Time: 17 hours 42 minutes 3 seconds Experience gained: 3254218 Experience lost: 0 Experience spent: 3369531 Gold difference: -43709.00 New areas explored: 40 Battle skill summary: Hits: 4988 Misses: 2416 Parries: 0 Ripostes: 0 Stuns: 57 Criticals: 156 Dodges: 1212 Tumbles: 398 Stunned Maneuvers: 12 You can hear someone shouting out a sale. You can see Death, clad in black, collect your corpse. Tarken [report]: Hit by a [dispel evil] Tarken [party]: Tarken [report]: Broke Stun ,-----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Grinning diabolically you foot-sweep Social worker ripping out a still beating heart. Because of the low amount of unidle players you receive some additional experience for your kill. You receive a few jewels as a momento of your success. pas I don't want money Tarken [party]: telewo (party): Ruffneck sizzles magically You start chanting. []: Blayke : stop asking these PESKY QUESTIONS []: Amd (tunes): they have different style of extracting "souls" []: Blayke : goddam you! Half priced appetizers at applebees is an acceptable end to any night. The merchant says 'This city has potential.' hp: 928 (993) [ 26] sp: 569 (569) [] ep: 438 (438) [] cash: 0 [] exp: 361104 [] A green flash momentarily surrounds you and then vanishes. [7m54s] The merchant says 'If only people weren't so scared of the church.' Lozlo [report]: Full Hp. Lozlo [party]: that long Avenging angel mutters the holy words 'Ez' div' (Dispel evil) A dispel evil hits you. | 1.3 Lysander ldr 1048(1194) 18( 18) 250(406) | 85 | 272919 | | ? Tarken mbr 1( 907) 176( 539) 445(465) | 77 | 265025 | `-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' Avenging angel is in excellent shape. Grinning diabolically you twist and throw Social worker ripping out a still beating heart. You just gained 1 style points in Shadow Sabres guild. []: Stalgrad (bat): they are both natural things.why not []: Tarken You tell Darol 'What's good homeslice? ' You tell Darol 'Homeslice, pimp skillet, mac daddy, etc.' Darol tells you 'no idea =)' Darol tells you 'okay had to google it, i thought you're making pizza slices at home : D' Darol tells you 'thought you're asking for toppings : D' Acidia tells you 'I just had the best idea in years for whining merchants. Woodpecker bites Golloth producing large scratches. Kekemon claps her hands and whispers 'judicandus mangenic' (Cure critical wounds) Kekemon emanates bright white light as she finishes her spell. You play the instrument with an unbelievable speed: 'Aea H*h***Gdg' (Con fioco) You watch with selfpride as your con fioco hits Saelli.

[]: Fuser (party(Hokuten)): there is quite a bit of rooms in there []: Tarken : and some quests []: Fuser (party(Hokuten)): hrm []: Fuser (party(Hokuten)): well []: Fuser (party(Hokuten)): he already level 26 []: Darian [party(Hokuten)]: who invited him to party! []: Darian [party(Hokuten)]: only one exp leech allowed!

Durand says 'la eliminación de los jugadores.' You go 'mmmmm...'.

You say 'bien.' Durand says 'from now on i shall only speak spanish to my good friend mr cyberman here.' Cyberman nods solemnly. ' Cyberman says 'Voy a comer, por favor remueve a Tarken. Freld pälättää 'oh shit.' Freld pälättää 'get the fuck out.' You tell Nazrix (*_.-._Tired_.-._*) 'Girlfriends are so much maintenance, why did I do this? You know the color of the water at Jones Beach is not BLUE! You were upset when all the Roy Rogers turned into Wendy's and Arby's closed for good. You can spout off all the LIRR stops between Penn Station and Ronkonkoma.

Durand says 'since i do not speak spanish, i will use google translate.' Durand says 'i think he will appreciate this.' Cyberman says 'Me parece muy bien Sr. ' Cyberman says 'No entiendo.' Cyberman says 'Su espanol es muy malo.' Durand says 'mi español es la mejor o mejores.' Durand blinks his eyes. Gracias.' Durand says 'Sí puedo hacer eso.' Durand asks 'cyberman? ' Durand says 'did you really say.' Durand says '"I will eat this, please remove a Tarken. Why...' Nazrix tells you 'cause your nerd ass decided to get ripped and start banging waterpark whores' Nazrix tells you 'and it backfired' You tell Nazrix (*_.-._Tired_.-._*) 'That made me laugh out loud.' You tell Nazrix (*_.-._Tired_.-._*) ': D' Nazrix tells you ': D' Gore exclaims 'can't believe I actually touched some code - been a long time! Durand awards Gore 1 points for completing 'Durand's Cookie Jar' task. She pants for a while before giving a scroll to Gore. Gore says 'now I only need to fix 1403618 bugs to catch up with Tarken.' : Instead, launch a second campaign.

Thanks".' Cyberman says 'No, I said: I'll go eat, please remove Tarken. Not only should you advocate good language, but also safe sex. Sprite [merchant]: other than it will evaporate in a couple of months?

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