Blackberry podcast not updating Sexy chat websites

Microsoft would have continued pursuing a post-smartphone device even if it had succeeded with smartphones.Microsoft's mobile strategy is still on course So why has most coverage consistently equated Microsoft's failed smartphone strategy to a failure of, or assertion that a mobile strategy does not exist beyond phones?The distinction between the smartphone space and the mobile space that Microsoft is targeting with a device that is more a PC than phone, but with telephony capabilities, was not on most people's radar (until recently).Without the benefit of that perspective, Microsoft's failure in or abandonment of . He provides unique big picture analysis of the complex world of Microsoft.Jason takes the small clues and gives you an insightful big picture perspective through storytelling that you won't find The confusion around Microsoft's mobile story is my fault.If most people had a long view, they would have known Windows 10 Mobile would be being replaced by Windows Core OS on Microsoft's next mobile device which will have a pen and inking focus.Belfiore's statements would have aligned with that knowledge, and the knee-jerk response of "Windows-on-mobile is dead" could have been avoided.

Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft's broader mobile strategy are two different things, however.

Admittedly, no one, not even Microsoft sees everything.

That's why there were shifts in short term objectives while Microsoft's overall goal remained unchanged.

The "good news" regarding Microsoft's Project Andromeda, a foldable mobile device that is not a phone, but has telephony and an inking focus is making its rounds.

A long view of Microsoft's mobile strategy provided us with a view of this vision years ago, however.

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