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Jeff King, who directed this one, I thought did a fantastic job from a script by Rachel Caris Love.And space was something we had known we were gonna do for about a year now. All of these reveals are incredibly important to the show, and we realized, very early on, even in the first season, that by the end of Season 2, we were gonna know an awful lot about these characters, in a way that having some sort of massive reveal come out of nowhere might feel a little artificial.GERO: I was very, very optimistic about a pick-up, so to be honest, that did not cross our minds, one way or the other.For us, I would have been very happy, if that had been the last episode because it did wrap up so much.” And they were like, “No, man, satellites aren’t anywhere close to the space station.” I was like, “Oh, right!

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Collider: First of all, congrats on the Season 3 pick-up! Would you have not aired that final scene, if you hadn’t gotten the Season 3 pick-up, or is that where the season would have ended, either way?GERO: With the tattoos, in a way, it’s a return to the type of storytelling we were doing in Season 1, which is very tattoo driven stories, really leaning on our close-ended episodes.We kind of got away form that this season, a little bit.To chat about all things Blindspot, Collider got on the phone with showrunner Martin Gero.During the interview, we got some answers about that final scene, what he’s most proud of with the Season 2 finale, how Season 3 will be a soft reboot for the series, what’s next for Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton), Jane’s tattoos, Roman (Luke Mitchell), Shepherd’s (Michelle Hurd) plan, taking the story to space, and what they learned from Season 2 that will affect the storytelling for Season 3.

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