Books on dating old photos

To most people, this may seem a little daunting, but let me assure you, it’s easy and most of the time, fun.It’s always nice to see the change of expression on people’s faces when you tell them you’re not selling anything….you’re BUYING! The most expensive photo ever sold is Andreas Gursky's Rhine II, a simple (and I do stress SIMPLE) photo of a bit of water, a band of sky and some thin strips of grass (just saying it how it is), it fetched .3 million dollars on November the 11 2011.A few years ago I had the privilege of selling one of my photos to a Texas museum after uncovering the man in question was in fact Buffalo Bill Cody.

Remember that photos at this time were the domain of the wealthy and not as common as the family album of today.An Egyptian album went for 00, 00 for photos of dental equipment!!I myself recently sold an album of WW1 snaps for a little over 00.Who would of thought that pictures of men with beards, tricycles, fishing rods, aeroplanes, cows, beach gymnastics, would all have a dollar value. French for Visiting Card, these types of photos were predominately portraits and ranged from approx. They were an albumen print which means egg whites were used in the developing (reason why most turn yellow with age) with the image attached to a stiff card back often with the studio’s name printed at the bottom.Here amongst the small pocket sized images you will find mostly family shots, but also some very (expensive) famous people, as the card was often replicated and sold on as either a business card or advertisement.

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