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But authorities still wonder: Was she a willing accomplice? Russell, the oldest of three girls, was raised on a tree-lined street in the comfortable suburb of North Kingston, RI, right off a bike path called Sage Trail.

Her dad, Warren, is an emergency-room doctor, her mom, Judith, a nurse.

“She stopped drinking and wouldn’t come around as much and kind of judged us for wanting to go out, and he would forbid her for wanting to go out with us,” she told CBS News.

“He became very violent with her and was brainwashing her into converting into Muslim.” Other roommates told NPR that Tsarnaev called her “slut” and “a prostitute” and threw pieces of furniture at her.

Russell’s college roommate was convinced it was an abusive relationship.In November, Russell’s brother-in-law, Dzhokhar “Jahar” Tsarnaev, will stand trial.Russell has not been charged, nor is it clear whether she’ll be a witness.“Tamerlan said I couldn’t be with him unless I became a Muslim.He wanted me to hate America like he did.” He became controlling and abusive, telling Ascencao she was no longer allowed to listen to the ­radio or watch TV.

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