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The simple things in life always did thrill him; no one could live near him without taking on some of the child-like joy from the little things.” , above, in his Great Falls studio as a Christmas present for Nancy, the day before he died.

Under the deal, the New York-based broadcaster's sports programming, including its NFL games and the NCAA Division 1 Basketball Championship, as well as CBS Sports Network and POP, an entertainment channel, will be on Hulu.In 1914, Russell sent this original, hand-painted greeting to kindred spirit Malcolm Mackay and his family.While the verse is the artist’s own, the calligraphy is not.Morgan, noted that “Russell delighted his table guests with personal place settings around the table—with his favorite Holidays being Christmas and Thanksgiving.[With] his creative mind and nimble fingers, wondrous small models decorated each place setting.”  In addition to these small treasures he also created delightful Christmas cards.

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    A statue of Saint Archangel Michael is centered above the main entrance, flanked on the left by John the Baptist, Saint Sebastian and Saint Charles Borromei, and on the right by Saint John the Evangelist, Saint Rocus and Saint John Nepomuc. Mary is a beautiful and valuable baroque work of art by sculptor Schenbauer Antal, who created it for the consul, Kornis Antal, in 1744.