Butch femme transguy dating

Feminine of center individuals may also identify as femme, submissive, transfeminine, or more; masculine of center individuals may also often identity as butch, stud, aggressive, boi, transmasculine, or more.

Femme – (noun & adj) someone who identifies themselves as feminine, whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally.

Constellation – (noun) the arrangement or structure of a polyamorous relationship.

Cross-dresser – (noun) someone who wears clothes of another gender/sex.

Cisnormativity – (noun) the assumption, in individuals or in institutions, that everyone is cisgender, and that cisgender identities are superior to trans* identities or people. Closeted – (adj) an individual who is not open to themselves or others about their (queer) sexuality or gender identity.Ally – (noun) a (typically straight- or cis-identified) person who supports, and respects for members of the LGBTQ community.While the word doesn’t necessitate action, we consider people to be active allies who take action upon this support and respect, this also indicates to others that you are an ally.Often used to refer to a feminine-presenting queer woman .Fluid(ity) – (adj) generally with another term attached, like gender-fluid or fluid-sexuality, fluid(ity) describes an identity that may change or shift over time between or within the mix of the options available (e.g., man and woman, bi and straight).

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