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If you really need a phone number to write down on a registration form, or list it on an ad or to give to someone without first having to call or text, then you want to buy a premium phone number which allows you to select from different countries and area codes of your choice. Your minutes and text packages are used for local calls and texts.For any international calls and text, credits will be used. Credits can be bought to allow you to buy and extend premium phone numbers. Phoner is designed for users who value their privacy and may want to protect their primary phone number and identity for several reasons such as website registration, online dating, Craigslist transaction, work, etc.They can also be used for topping up texts and minutes as well as make international calls. When you use Phoner, you agree that you are using it for legitimate purposes.

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By using Call Recorder, you agree that you are familiar with the laws governing call recordings. is focused on protecting the privacy of mobile consumers.

If you are a fireman, police officer, lawyer, sales person and other professional, you may want to keep a separate mobile work number from your mobile personal phone.

If you are a traveler going to some other countries and need to be able to text and call internationally for cheap as long as you have a data plan, Phoner can also help with that. With Phoner, you can start sending anonymous text or make private calls without the need to purchase numbers.

However, you can fax and scan by downloading our Fax from i Phone app.

Our Fax Scanner app allows you to scan and fax from your i Phone without the need for a fax machine. Phoner allows you to record calls within the app itself.

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