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They were PARTNERS with Whitey Bulger and his equally criminal brother Billy, and STILL ARE.And to make sure they fully understand the magnitude of their oath to defend the Constitution, every new FBI agent visits the Holocaust museum, to see for themselves the horror and injustice that result when law enforcement becomes a tool for oppression.between the Federal and State Government, in which Bush and his family, and the Clintons are knee deep in CORRUPTION with the Bulger Brothers; ILLEGAL ARMS, DRUG DEALING, MONEY LAUNDERING, Human and body parts Trafficking and . Trooper turned MSP Major, Chris Mason (ROGUE In Festigator in Worthingto Gate) as COMRAD of the GESTAPO'S MA FUSION CENTER, and Det. Robert Irwin Under former ROGUE, AG, Martha Coakley & his boss Renee Du Puis (Now Judge Du PUis) to the lead Detective as the Major of Detectives for the entire State of The Dearly Departed Land" Massachusetts, to round out THEIR their staff for the 'protection' of THEIR racketts.This is who and what is behind this Citizens SLAUGHTER - Her Daddy was a former MA Asst.Unlike with most crimes, police simply had too many suspects.First on the list was the disgruntled ex-boyfriend and used book salesman who found the body.This is a WHISTLEBLOWER WEBSITE to let every citizen in the US know that they and their families lives are in grave danger of mass slaughter by our TOTALLY ROGUE GOVERNMENT.


Like 9/11 which was planned for over a decade, and the resulting document known as PNAC (Project for a New American Century - authored in 1998) with the details of their plot and plan for a false-flag, the likes of a Pearl Harbor event, are self-explanatory.

This was plotted by VERY EVIL, DECEIPTFUL, CRUEL and selfish people, in order to go to war and make THEMSELVES TRILLIONS of dollars, while at the same lawlessly bankrupting America through many financial schemes with neither legitimate oversight nor accountability to date.

Because nearly fifty percent of the seasonably small population believed that police had the wrong man, the arrest would raise many brows on the sandy peninsula.

During the decade following the murder, some citizens dared to point fingers at corrupt politicians, local drug dealers and two-bit mob outfits.

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