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Luna is seeking to rouse gods of Eos, known as the Six.Noctis begins to experience sudden headaches and bizarre visions as the Archaean Titan is calling for him.Luna passes the Ring of the Lucii to him, which she had been holding for him as per King Regis s final request..Aranea has quit the imperial army and is now helping the victims of the empire s attacks with Biggs and Wedge.Duscae is shrouded in a storm until Noctis passes Ramuh s trial and gains the means to summon him.Noctis and the party escort Iris to Cape Caem, but on their way, they discover the empire has set up yet another flying fortress near Old Lestallum.Prompto compliments that Noctis is speaking like a king.

For example, he was not educated in a private school, but enrolled in a regular school.Ardyn reveals his true name as Ardyn Lucis Caelum, Noctis s ancestor who was tasked with healing the world from daemons two millennia ago.Gladiolus goes off on his own to contemplate the recent events.Gladiolus was his tutor for battle skills since early age, although the two did not initially get along, Gladiolus viewing him spoiled.The emperor s robes are left on the seat as he has also vanished and become a daemon.

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