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He watched his wife Cross her arms and grab the Hem of her dress pulling it up over her head. With one hand she unclasped her bra letting her beautiful breasts free. She spread her legs and with one hand, gently slit it inside of her pushing all the way back until it was buried all the way inside, and her asshole was pressing against Randy's nose. "I forgot to tell you, I am hosting the book club tonight." What the fuck? Surely she wouldn't keep him tied up like this while the so called "book club" drank wine and gossiped upstairs.She then hooked her thumbs under her thong panties and pulled them slowly down her legs. He may not like doing these things but it was obvious that his wife did. She bent over and put her hands on the floor moving back and forth, riding the dildo on his face. Randy could see the coating of white cream she was leaving on the dildo. Only being able to breathe through his nose, he could smell the musky scent of her excitement with each breath. Megan slipped her dress back down her body, not bothering with her bra or panties.She ran her hands up his legs and gave him another kiss. Hell he was scared, but he wanted to make his wife happy. Stand still." She walked over to her dresser and pulled out more items. The first thing she did was grab a small gold lock with a special marking on it. On the post itself she had installed several eye hooks. She had him stand on his knees with his back against the post.Her hands continued up his body and her thumbs brushed against each of his nipples. She ran the lock through the small rings and zipper of the hood, locking onto his head. The bottom half of his legs were now straddling the post behind him.He had the next two days off and planned on doing nothing but watching football. " The smile brightened her face again and she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a strong hug.It was a long day because he had to fire an employee for stealing from the company. The old shoes the employee threw into the trash we're falling apart. He was well aware of her breasts pushing into him and he felt a stirring in his pants.So she took a thick leather belt and drilled a hole in it. She connected one between his ankles using the D rings on his ankle cuffs.The dildo now slid through the hole and she was able to buckle the belt behind the post holding his head tightly against it. She then connected another spreader bar to each ankle cuffs up to an eye hook on the backside of the post.

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Once she did, she was sure to would let him go and he would have an orgasm as well. No fucking way was she going to do this Randy thought. They will get suspicious if I don't answer the door soon.

"Thank you so much for doing this for me honey." She told him breaking off the kiss. Now the hood and the Chastity cage were on him until at least Monday. This will be fun." With that she clicked a leash to the D ring in the front of the collar and led him out of the bedroom. These stairs are not padded like the ones going upstairs so it's going to hurt if you fall." "Megan this has gone on long enough. I don't know what you have planned, but I don't want any part of it. She pulled first one arm up and clamped it to one of the eye hooks above his head, and then the other.

Who knows, maybe she will leave them on him longer. Megan wrapped it around his neck and locked into place. I didn't realize when you said you wanted to play that you had all this in mind. She helped him down the stairs through the kitchen and stopped at the door leading to the basement. Let me go and take all of this off of me." He was scared. She had a few more toys in the trunk against the wall. Megan took a leather belt and wrapped it around Randy's body just above his caged penis and buckled it on the backside of the post holding his torso tightly against it.

Randy let out a few grunts of protest as she shoved the gag into his mouth. Now Randy could not move his legs up or down or left to right which is just the way she wanted it. I am so proud of you." She placed a kiss on his forehead.

She took the blindfold off and Randy could see for the first time in a while.

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