Chatral sexy

Who wants to see you do yoga in sweatpants, or loose flowy clothing, or anything else which covers up that svelte yogi/yogini body?

How about trying bikini underwear, skin tight fabrics, or even lace underwear or outright nudity.

I’m sure you feel the same, and we need to fight against these disembodied, spiritualist put-downs of our bodies and our selves.

Another friend of mine, who is a Yoga teacher, suggested to me that a true “yoga picture” would be a picture of the practitioner’s face, one that showed the lines on their face, the soul in their eyes- the hard-won wisdom and transcendence that their years of practice had brought them. Anyone can have a nice face and still be overweight, stiff, and not know a bharadvajasana from a vishvamitanasana.

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So: a plea to the beautiful people-to the truly successfull yogis and yoginis out there: strip down, go somewhere beautiful, and have someone take truly beautiful pictures of you showing what Yoga is really all about.

Yoga allows me to feel a sense of mastery and a radiant sense of beauty which I communicate to others through well orchestrated photos of my accomplishments in flesh and bone.For å bli premiummedlem (GULL) på livstid og låse opp denne funksjonen, trenger du bare å kjøpe et antall polletter én gang!To use the site's full features, you need to allow viewing Flash content in your browser.On top of the lack of sexy yoga pictures, not just of women but also of men (all the male yoga pictures I say these days are of older, out of shape men- and there’s also a real lack of tattoos and dreadlocks)-most of the pictures I see seem to be of people doing boring un-yoga like things like feeding the poor, praying, meditating while fully clothed, engaging in street protests or planting trees. Here’s my rule of thumb: if the activity helps you to try out for Cirque de Soleil, it’s Yoga.If it has a merely spiritual or moral purpose, it’s something else.

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