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I love you." Caleb hates that Teddy is gone and every time we face time him he mopes around for an hour afterwards."Hi Mom…thanks for the care package.

The sweet dreams- even in the summer were amazing.""Hi honey, Happy Birthday. We haven't had many missions and I actually was able to read that book you sent me which was pretty good. Aunt Kate and Aunt Mia said they were putting together a care package for you.""Yes more dried fruit, protein bars and some K cups would be great.

Luke wanted him to consider a career in security but Reid went that direction and is now at Quantico, VA at the FBI academy. Gabe finished medical school and he is interning in Portland.

Ava is in fashion design although Elliot and I agree she will probably quit soon after she is married and jump into starting a family.

Ana talks to Teddy for another five minutes then hands him back to me."Okay Dad I have to go to a briefing and then get in bed." He is ten hours ahead of us and I often forget that. I talked to Henry earlier but give them both a hug when you see them. I am okay I have to call your mom and then Ava is coming over to look at Grams veil." Ava is the first of the grandchildren to get married.

Tell Poppa and Grammie and Pop Pops I love them and of course Taylor and Ga Ga. She is marrying a nice young man she met last year in Aspen when she was on a ski trip. She moved her wedding date so Teddy would be home and he is supposed to be home in two more months so the wedding is Labor Day weekend.

I need to get home soon before I burst." This makes Caleb laugh."Can't you hook up with one of the 300 girl's bro?

""No they are mostly enlisted and officers can't fraternize with them.

Jax Sawyer graduated from law school several years ago and he works there now and is doing really well.He refuses to move back to Seattle in the off season and she refuses to leave her job as heir apparent at GEH.With Henry in law school and out of baseball, Teddy entrenched in the military and Caleb destined to go into architect and design and the heir apparent for Elliot and Brady's company, Phoebe is the one that studied International Business and now works by my side." All three boys have been saying this to each other for several years and Taylor and I find it hilarious but Ana hates it."Nothing like a morning chubby to get the adrenalin going." Caleb and Teddy say it at the same time."That's right little bro…love you man…can't wait until I get home and we can hang out again.Give mom a huge hug for me.""Okay Teddy…and Teddy…I really miss you…please be careful.

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