Church restrictions on dating and marriage

After-all, it’s you who has to walk in those shoes.

I can say, with confidence, if you’re in a relationship which is questionable or causes you pain, run… Regardless of nationality, ethnicity, backgrounds, or culture.

I’ve heard horror stories of cheating, abuse, and outright disrespect.

But this takes place in marriages all over the world — it’s not exclusive to the Arab man. What I do find very interesting and even a bit odd at times are those who stare.

But we go to the local co-op and people literally stop what they’re doing to stare. I respect that more than the stares, and I think my husband appreciates it more as well.

My husband is very out-going and friendly to everyone.

There’s very little about him that fits into the stereotypical ‘bedoin’ mold.

Family members were actively seeking out prospective wives to include cousins. They have very close family ties and rarely marry outside of their tribe. And someone he could see himself investing a lifetime in. Certainly I’m not someone his mother would have chosen for him, but she’s never made me feel that way. Perhaps they were just relieved he was finally getting married?

My husband made clear he wasn’t interested in an arranged marriage, but instead wanted to marry someone he chose. 🙂 Either way, this spoiled, only child now has a huge family who I love and cherish.

If he knew something bothered me or caused me pain, he wouldn’t do it, that simple.

In the bedoin culture men are often viewed as superior to women (by outsiders), but it’s not that way.

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