Civil war dating

In addition, because the logs were buried, they hadn't deteriorated."They're in amazing shape considering how old they are," Sperling said.

As exciting as the find was, the excavation site couldn't be left open.

Cook’s Mill is located in Greenville, West Virginia and extensive information derived from deeds, court records, wills, and oral history places the present mill’s original construction in 1857.Next, Sperling climbed into the excavated hole and mapped the road by hand.The old path, called a "corduroy" road because of its resemblance to the fabric, hadn't changed elevation over the years, Sperling said in an interview, so archaeologists could digitally reconstruct what the thoroughfare would have looked like in the 1860s.We visually and statistically crossdated 32 white oak samples from the mill and bridge by comparing them to a local chronology developed for this study and two regional oak chronologies from the International Tree-Ring Data Bank.Based on terminal ring attributes and cutting date years we were able to provide a suggested construction date of the spring or early summer of 1868.

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