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(This can be particularly significant if living in a shared house).Again, talk about public vs private places, respect and consent.That gets all the 'Boobs' and 'Tits' and giggling out of the way and seems to relax people to talk more openly.Provides a range of support services for people with learning disabilities including health advocacy and a nightclub called Wild Bunch. Advice and information about pregnancy and parenting.The resource offers practical guidance and explores the need for training, understanding and empathy as well as developing appropriate policies and procedures within the workplace.The closing chapter provides the viewer with the legal context, as well as exploring safeguarding issues.

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Make sure you are in a place where you won't be interrupted or disturbed." This will help to understand if the people you are working with are retaining information, and if you are working at the right pace.Discuss the difference between a public place and a private place, and talk about what kind of behaviour is appropriate in both. Produced by NHS Leeds this Teaching Pack gives a session by session guide covering 12 sessions for teaching children and young people with Learning Disabilities about Puberty and Sexuality. Training pack Aimed at professionals working with people with learning disabilities.Topics covered include legislation around sexual activity for people with learning disabilities.

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