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On the other hand, a lot of the people taking the citizenship test might not fully understand all the answers they’re giving either.

This does point to some more interesting issues though….

Well, I’ve been collaborating on creating Sophia since her inception in 2015 — and working with David Hanson on his robots since a few years before that.

In a way Sophia is like a robot child to those of us who’ve been working on her …

Sophia, the premier humanoid robot creation from Hanson Robotics — the Hong Kong character robot company of which I’m Chief Scientist — has been serving in the role of Chief Humanoid of Singularity NET.

As Singularity NET develops, we will use it to increase the power of her mind.

At the same time, the Sophia robot I’ve been working on at Hanson Robotics has been made a citizen of Saudi Arabia. Singularity NET is a decentralized open market for AIs — intended both to help foster advanced Artificial General Intelligence, and to provide a better way for developers of AI code to share and monetize their work, and for users of AI to find a diversity of services.

There’s a lot of information here but that’s how it goes — these are complex matters!Although, I don’t recall Saudi Arabia ever arising in our early conversations!I wasn’t in the same room as David when he found out that Saudi Arabian leadership was willing to take the unprecedented leap toward robo-citizenship, but I can easily imagine the huge boyish grin on his face.Essentially I got interested in AI from science fiction.The biggest influence was the original Star Trek series, back from 1969 to 1971 when I was a little kid.

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