Connection status validating identity

In this chapter, the term "administrator" represents any individual who is using the Access Tester.

The Access Tester can be used from any computer having a network connection to the OAM Server.

This section describes how to install the Access Tester, which involves copying the Access Tester jar files to a computer from which you want to run tests.

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During testing, the Access Tester emulates the Agent and communicates with the OAM Server while the administrator emulates the end user.

The Oracle Access Manager Access Tester enables IT professionals and administrators to simulate interactions between registered OAM Agents and OAM 11g Servers to help troubleshoot issues involving agent connections and to test policy definitions.

This chapter introduces the Oracle Access Manager Access Tester and how to use it.

The following overview outlines the tasks involved with using the Access Tester, and the topics where more information can be found in this chapter.

Task overview: Testing OAM 11g connections and policies includes The Access Tester consists of two jar files that can be used from any computer, either within or outside the Web Logic Server domain.

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