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By the time Byrnes left the governors office in 1955, the school building program that he helped implement in 1951 had significantly changed South Carolinas educational system.Although South Carolinas school equalization program failed to prevent a Supreme Court ruling for desegregation, the program continued to provide South Carolinas white leaders with political justification for resisting the Supreme Courts order to desegregate as part of a broader effort to avoid integration throughout society. The Educational Finance Commission had approved over 4 million in building projects since the inception of the program, with 53.9 percent of the total funds appropriated for white schools and 46.1 percent of the funds appropriated for black schools.After debate within the NAACP over the chances of winning the case based on desegregation as opposed to equalization, Marshall refiled Briggs v.Elliott and went to trial on before a three-judge panel (Kluger, 72-73).Some districts built black schools and did not appropriate enough money to furnish equipment for the new schools. For example, officials did not fully complete a building project in Saluda.Although the state continually raised its appropriations for teacher salaries, many local school boards decreased their allotments to teachers, resulting in very few teachers benefiting from a raise in salary (Byrnes Collection: Address; Contract for). Byrnes stated his belief in a closed session with the South Carolina School Committee, the legislative committee established to maintain racial segregation, that if desegregation came to South Carolina, whites would send their children to private schools, and the money the state spent on schools would be wasted.Many parents protested the bus routes, especially the commissions directive that no child within a one-and-a-half mile radius would be eligible for state-supported transportation (School Building Return).

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They included overcrowding and lack of teachers, equipment, and facilities, none of which were completely addressed by the program.Whites in Clarendon County needed Byrnes school equalization program to support their claim that South Carolina met the standards of the separate but equal precedent that had allowed segregated schools.The bill became law one month before the trial began, and the State Educational Finance Commission, created to administer the equalization funds, began meeting only three weeks before Figg had to argue his case before the district court (Kluger, 344-345).The Palmetto State Teachers Association, an organization of black educators, also believed that the building campaign should continue to improve school facilities (Byrnes Papers: Minutes of the S. While Johnsons statement about Hinton reinforced white beliefs that blacks wanted equalization instead of integration, Johnson also identified the dissatisfaction with the equalization program among blacks in Charleston and in Beaufort, who did not feel that the schools in those cities were truly equal (Byrnes Papers: Minutes of the S. School officials ensured that the new surveys located new black schools near the majority of their students, so that black children would not have to walk past a white school to attend classes and give the NAACP a reason to sue for desegregation (Byrnes Papers: News Statement).In 1955, the legislature approved a bond increase to 7,500,000, providing approximately ,000,000 more revenue for school buildings.

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