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The parents likely don't have the disease themselves.CF mainly affects the lungs, pancreas, liver, intestines, sinuses, and sex organs.A defect in the CFTR gene causes cystic fibrosis (CF).This gene makes a protein that controls the movement of salt and water in and out of your body's cells.Over time, damage to the lungs can cause severe breathing problems.Respiratory failure is the most common cause of death in people who have CF.Cystic fibrosis (SIS-tik fi-BRO-sis), or CF, is an inherited disease of the secretory (see-KREH-tor-ee) glands.

People who have CF inherit two faulty genes for the diseaseโ€”one from each parent.

As treatments for CF continue to improve, so does life expectancy for those who have the disease.

Today, some people who have CF are living into their forties or fifties, or longer.

Early treatment for CF can improve your quality of life and increase your lifespan.

Treatments may include nutritional and respiratory therapies, medicines, exercise, and other treatments.

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