Dating lavalife single

On Nov.20, 2014 Lavalife was re-vamped and bears little resemblance to it's old self.

The new site has been out for two weeks for now and it's prettier but otherwise it's a complete disaster.

You wrote as a negative: people need to be able to see when someone puts you on a hotlist. Allowing people to see that will creep some people out, ruin spontaneity and ruin the process of building up confidence and making choices.

Allowing people to see your hotlist is like looking at someone's diary or personal information that you intended to be private. If the review was based on people's comments, then they didn't think it through. You make a good point on the Hotlist and keeping the information private.

Over 700,000 messages are sent every day on this busy dating service, thanks in part to the ability of free members to reply to any message sent to them, though only a paying member can initiate a conversation.

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As always you should read your terms of service before signing up to any online service.

So, I guess that addresses your original review and goes completely against my advice ;)Second, I went out last night for halloween and met a great girl the old fashioned way ;) So here is my take on dating sites, no matter which one you go on....

If you understand and practice the law of attraction, filling out your profile and focusing on the type of person you want sets in motion energy to attract that type of person ON or OFFLINE.

A lot of useful and even essential features have been thrown out to give it a more streamlined look and feel, but with little or no thought as to why they were there in the first place. As of now, you can only browse search within 2000-km radius.

There isn't even a username search, leaving no way to connect with members you know outside the 2000-km unless they were preserved in one of your lists, like "Favorites" or "Viewed Me," which were preserved only in part, or in message history, which only goes back 30 days.

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