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"There were no train wrecks."About a dozen concerts from that year have already been released on CDs and downloads, but on June 11th, the biggest batch yet arrived with , a 14-disc box featuring five complete shows from that tour.

"We had all this new material we were excited about playing," says Donna Jean Godchaux, who sang with the Dead during this period.

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The only thing Donna Jean Godchaux remembers about it is how cold it was.Onstage, though, something different took place in those shows.Dating back to their earliest performances a decade before, the Dead could be loose, sharp, undisciplined, sloppy, fierce – sometimes all during the same night.As the recording sessions started to drag throughout the winter of 1977 – and the band faced the possibility of not finishing the record before going on tour – Steve Parish, a member of the crew (and later Garcia's manager), came up with a novel idea: Nail the studio door shut. "But we were under the gun, and it kept the guys in there."The finished album, , was the Dead's most polished, professional effort to date, foreign adjectives that didn't necessarily thrill everyone in the band.Hart was upset when Olsen overdubbed strings on one of his parts without telling him.

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