Dating a fourth year med student

Other people choose to broaden their horizons and date outside of medical school.They find opportunities to mingle with graduate, business, law, and even undergraduate (gasp) students.Everyone will be able to talk to three different researchers. Medical schools of my time had a lot of problems, and they still do..One of my most popular posts of all time on this blog is one i wrote almost three years ago titled the pros and cons of dating a med student. In the spring of 1977, she started dating a man who had been trying to get into medical school for three.However, there is a darker side of this transition to clinical medicine.Many of the qualities that students entered medical school with—altruism, empathy, generosity of spirit, love of learning, high ethical standards—are eroded by the end of medical training.Online dating sites are becoming popular as well – one name I hear often is Coffee Meets Bagel, a site that caters towards educated, mid-20’s men and women – also known as medical students.A significant other is a great support system throughout the trials and tribulations of medical school, but it takes work to maintain the relationship.

One would think that the third year of medical school would be a crowning achievement—the donning of the white coat, the grasping of the golden ring after many years of striving. The learning curve is voraciously steep as students soak up clinical knowledge at an impressive rate.

It’s the end of summer, the time where entire classes of new medical students are packing up and heading off to school together.

Initially it’s a whirlwind of names and faces, as these hundred or so people meet each other for the first time.

When you disappear for days on end cramming for exams, remember to consider the feelings and needs of your partner.

With a little luck and dedication, you’ll pull through these next four years together.

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