Dating a girl with alot of guy friends How chat with istanbul girls free

Friends are an important part of life – they teach you, guide you and sometimes, even make fun of you.But the time spent with them is treasured like nothing else.When I start dating a pretty girl it doesn’t surprise or bother me if she has close male friends.If the relationship becomes serious boundaries with opposite sex friends are needed.I will not date a woman who hangs out with or talks to other guys on the side (friends-wise).Please don't take that as a controlling statement; if she wants to keep her guy friends, so be it, but she will not have me.If two people are attracted to each other, and they also get along really well, there is a chance they would also have chemistry.

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In their head, they think they are raising their market value by showing they are in high demand.

Why don't you just back off a little and when she asks why, tell her that she's been extremely clear about the amount of guy friends she has and hangs out with and you aren't into it?

but constantly hanging out with them, bringing them up and/or too many of them can be annoying On the other hand. I had a roommate who swore by the book "Why Men Love B!

tches," which apparently instructs you to always demand he pay, never answer the phone the first time he calls in a day, and other things I would never do.

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