Dating a ibanez ts808

But make sure that the frets and neck together are not too big for your hands.You need to be able to play quickly with lots of bending without getting tired after 3 minutes of Texas Flood.A valid question is if the audience can tell if you have a small or big amp when they hear the guitar and amp through a PA? You can nail the SRV tone with small Fender amps too.You deserve to try playing Mary had a little lamb with a slightly cranked Princeton Reverb equipped with a Jensen C12n speaker. Just make sure the amps are dialed in correctly with powerful speakers that don’t distort and have lots of punch, both lows and highs. Make sure it is not pushed too hard into distortion, but set nicely at its sweet spot with just s little power amp breakup (think Little Wing intro).

He does great things with great tone and rather light gauge (010, if we remember correctly from a You Tube clip from D’addario).

If the strings are too big you will not have the necessary power, control and ability to play fast and bend and shake as easily as Stevie did.

You won’t sound like Stevie at all, more like an amateur – you will not be able to make the bends and shakes as precise and quick as they should, all your notes will be flat without nuances, vibrato and touch’n’feel.

Few artists have been so widely discussed among guitar players in terms of tone influence.

Players around the entire world have tried to replicate Stevie Ray Vaughan’s licks and tone, and it sure as hell is not easily done.

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