Dating a youth pastor

It is meant to provide principles to limit the experience of Christian liberty because of the position of influence in which we find ourselves.This practical "how to" ebook will walk you through a 30-step process to discovering God's vision for your unique ministry context.Lifestyle issues are complicated further by the reality that we are in a position of trust and influence in the youth ministry.Therefore, with respect to such issues as the use of language, entertainment, gambling, and other behavioral matters that are open to abuse, misuse and misunderstanding, the following biblical principles must be followed: Please Note: This is not intended to be a legalistic definition of right and wrong.We each have a unique set of gifts, personalities, and leadership qualities that make up who we are as we pursue the job description set before us.Here’s my question that also presents a plea to those that hold the position or title of youth pastor/director: “What kind of youth pastor do you think you are?

We can exchange victories and failures in a safe place where we really understand the unique yet adverse opportunities we face on a weekly basis when working with students, parents and volunteers.Boundaries are so critical to the health of any youth leader.We could talk about the need to say “no” and protect personal and family time.Furthermore, the Bible, to which we attribute the ultimate authority for all Christian life, is not explicit on every issue within our culture.Nevertheless, many Christians have historically condemned the use of certain words and body language.

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