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Conway An Inspector proves that a blind man murdered his wife's lover. [16] Scotland Yard: THE CASE OF THE RIVER MORGUE (34 min) (verified on film) _aka_The Hiller Case Copyright 1956, UK release date June 1956 BFC no. Snowden Written and Directed by Montgomery Tully Introduced by criminologist Edgar Lustgarten cast: Hugh Moxey ............ Hotel Telephonist Synopsis: A Polish spy changes places with a would-be assassin. "The Grant Case" Copyright 1956, UK release date Jan 1957 BFC no. Snowden Written by Donovan Winter Directed by Kenneth Hume Introduced by criminologist Edgar Lustgarten cast: Ballard Berkeley ......... Sergeant Brown Synopsis: A diabetic steals a corpse and "drowns" it to swindle an insurance company.

Inspector Harmer (verified - NOT Inspector Duggan, his character in later episodes) Vincent Ball ........... The Inspector holds an identity parade and the murderer is picked out by the smell of his after shave. Air hostess The discovery of a dead man at London Airport, a postcard photograph and a flask containing not only brandy, but poison, leads Scotland Yard to Lisbon and a giant currency smuggling ring. [19] Scotland Yard: THE LONELY HOUSE (33 min) UK release date Jan 1957 BFC no. Snowden written by James Eastwood directed by Montgomery Tully Introduced by criminologist Edgar Lustgarten cast: Russell Napier ......... When he directed an episode of "Colonel March of Scotland Yard" and three episodes of the Edgar Lustgarten "Scotland Yard" theatrical series he was billed as Paul Gherzo. Henley’s assistant featuring: Bartlett Mullins, Eddie Malin Geoffrey Bewian, Eric Evans, Humphry Morton, Bruce Bebe Synopsis: A 1941 air raid uncovered a firewatchers strangled wife. Mason Tim Turner as John Warwick as Originally theatrical second features in the 1950's and revived on British television, ITV (in the 1960's) /Channel 4 (in the 1980's) & on Satellite channel Bravo (in the 1990's) Title screen: " A dramatisation of one of the many crime investigations by the most celebrated police centre in the world - Scotland Yard" Theme music "Mailed Fist" composed by Cecil Milner NOTE: Paul Gerrard was a pseudonym used by Paul Dickson when he directed "The Vise.

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