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Two layers of massive nylon with lacy strips and sweet thin velvet ribbon at waist. :) My dressform was so much smaller in the waist, that you will see I just used a clip to have it stay up. :) I will be listing quite a bit of 1920s-1950s lingerie of Ms. She married in 1918 and throughout her life spent her summers in Cannes, France... Excellent condition with just two small spots on lower back (see photos). However as you can see, they were not originally a set, as the colors are slightly different, one is rayon and one silk, the ecru lace trim doesn't match, and neither does the length. Nearly impossible to measure as the nightgown is bias cut, so will fit a variety of bodies, and even the length will change depending on your measurements. Luxurious Wedding Nightgown and Robe or Wedding Trousseaux (for you Googlers! As magnificent as you might expect for Camelot's Queen Guinevere! Obviously with that low slung lace inset "belt" and folded front lace appliqued pleats, this nightgown was meant to evoke a Medieval look, and the peignoir/robe brings in that Hollywood Glamour of yesteryear. OK, yeah, I just grabbed this from Wikipedia: "Broiderie Anglaise (French, "English Embroidery") is a ". Gotta love that watteau back, the two pleated side pockets, the knife pleated hemline, daisy embroidered buttons down front, and the interesting "overcoat" tailoring at front. I will answer your question before you even ask it... They were from the same wedding trousseaux and I believe they should continue to stay together.. You know they are part of the same trousseaux as the lace trim matches exactly (not to mention I bought them together! Skirt is an ecru silk with waistband and rows of lace at bottom... The bloomers are a fine white cotton with waistband... this girl's father was a well-to-do farmer, so he had the lace designed and added to her trousseaux items to remind the girl's new husband to treat her well...

Well, if this was in polyester instead of a nylon, this could well have been a Halston disco-era gown. However, I have two left thumbs so I don't sew or clean... You will also want to press this when you get it to make those ruffles "pop". You will see the needle holes, but again, that was done all the time on these slips so it's historically correct. but certainly could 10 years earlier, and just short! Did you ever wonder how they kept those Gibson Girl pigeon front bodices in that pigeon shape? it's all about the undergarments (what else is new.... The piece is stamped inside with the Sahlin Perfect Form info. really just needs someone who is great at soaking antique garments. luckily her taste in scents was as nice as her taste in undergarments! Fanny was born, bred and died living on the tony Park Avenue in New York City. These pieces came to me from the same collector as a set. If you give me your measurements, I will make sure it will fit you. 1930's/40's Peignoir Bridal Honeymoon Set of Blush Sheer Crepe and Lace! This is a white cotton petticoat with the museum tags still attached. White cotton hand embroidered (open work - eyelet) petticoat. They were never easy to find, but they used to be "around". :) The color is close to that perfect Tiffany blue color wool twill embroidered with off-white and light blue silk floss all over the place in a small floral pattern. :) Very pale blush pink china silk with ecru lace inserts all over, slight train, ruffled hemline and bell shaped sleeves. 1900 Wedding Trousseaux Ecru Silk Slightly Trained Petticoat and White Cotton Bloomers!

This piece came from a wedding trousseaux with two other silk nightgown/robes. :) Excellent condition with just a few extreme minor things to mention. There are two small marks on the mid back (if you look very very hard at the full photo of the back of the gown, you MIGHT find the spots but it's not easy! There is one spot hidden in the lace of the collar at the left side and one tiny freckle at mid-collar back. Makes one wonder if this was actually the DRESS (as it's totally sheer at top of all netting) and a silk slip was worn under. Measures: 38" around everywhere and 40" long from shoulder to hem. ), "bra" lace design at bust, Excellent condition...except for the minor age spots here and there (see photos). There is one tiny pinhole (see photo) and one light smudge mark on bodice (barely worth a mention for either). Lovely ivory silk satin suspenders or braces without the hardware... Lovely for display as is, or add the hardware to wear. Beautiful embroidery of little red buds and light blue forget-me-nots flowers with green flowers. I adore the fact that Victorian stockings were so incredibly wild! Any seamstress can reinforce for you with some sheer netting. I researched Eleanor Beard just recently because I have another silk lingerie piece that was owned by Anita Loos with this same label. The Eleanor Beard Studio built its success on the native needleworking talents of local women. And in researching, Formfit company became Formfit Rogers in the early 1960s. There is a pink squiggle line that is seen when you look for defects, otherwise vibrant and ready to wear! Oh, you can purchase this, or buy the similar, less sexy Pucci nightgown on another website for 5!!! Pink Embroidered Corset with White Lace and Pink Ribbon! there are loads of reproduction laces you can purchase for a song and then you will finally have that wearable corset you wanted!

I was lucky enough to get a few pieces of new old deadstock lingerie from the Great Granddaughter of A. The lace is in Excellent condition as is the silk, but the original ribbons are very fragile, and tearing, but they are very simple to replace... Measures: up to 34/35" bust, up to 29" waist, up to 39" hips, 55" long from shoulder to hem. but if you are gonna wear it, just note that the buttons may need to be secured as old thread can get fragile. I don't really like to hype items that aren't in near mint condition, but I just have to... Her gowns were seen on glamorous stars in movie and on TV. This peignoir came from the estate of a 1950's-1960's runway model. includes the word "Lingerie" (haven't seen that before! I believe this was prior to the label with the Claire Saunders name (see Vintage Label Resource for more info). It's a great length for you at 36" long from waist to hem (or 34.5" long from the bottom of the waistband to hem) .... If you are taller, the options are: 1) wear it over a longer petticoat, 2) add some lace to the bottom, 3) enjoy it shorter and show off your sexy ankles and shoes, OR better yet, your Victorian boots! and there are two rows of the mini-horizonal pleats on the lower 1/3rd. There is a bit of black velvet trim at the neck and above the white lacey cuffs. You can barely see any of the issues until you search due to the print. But the important shape is all there and certainly the problems can be corrected with the right materials. the smallest waist you can fit is 25" (though if you are smaller you can revamp to fit you), the largest is 43"!!! Certainly you can add hooks and eyes or whatever you would like. Guess I never understood what he meant until I came upon this confection!The hallmark of his approach was to use rich colors and silks, giving at-home wear a less casual look, and of all the Bill Tice pieces I've seen, this tops them all!! It's just a simple basic antique petticoat in a mid-weight heavy linen. Israel of Worcester, MA who (as you can see from his original calling card) was a Manufacturer of Ladies Underware, Wrappers and Tea Gowns. This camibloomeris a one-piece camisole or "corset cover" with "umbrella drawers" or "split petticoat". Someone once remarked that they assumed these were for the "hookers" of the day.... Or better yet, use these to create a framed wedding gift! From the estate of Fanny Hyman (I have lots of her silk lingerie) comes this fabulous pair of antique black stocking with all the essential decoration (once the wearer has on her shoes) to look like she is wearing spats! Excellent condition though they do have some small areas that were darned many many years ago in the toe areas - by women who knew how to darn... But still an outstanding and fun pair of Edwardian stockings! There is boning around the ribcage, there is a bit of a pigeon bodice (or just a large bustline), trained skirt, original lace trim. And would be FABULOUS under your white Gibson or Edwardian lawn dress! Measures: up to 38" bust, up to 29" waist, up to 41" hips, 56" long from shoulder to hem in front, 64" long in back. This camisole came in a lot with the garters and wedding stockings below. but the most fun is that together they look like a $ sign. Only closures are tiny self covered buttons at the slight empire waist. for those of you who want a princess petticoat to actually wear as a petticoat under your lingerie or lawn dress, here's yet another one! One Short, One Long and Slightly Trained with Fabulous Back! However, it's the fact that there is some weakness/tearing of the silk under and around the armholes that brings the price to this level rather than twice that price for similar gowns of possible Liberty silk. These came to me directly from the daughter of the original owner, Mrs. This 3 piece trousseaux with original wedding shoes and stockings were sitting in a trunk in Greenwich, CT for many decades.... They are all in Excellent condition, though do have minor storage marks (I don't soak cottons and silks, so they are as found). If you want a signed COA from the family member on this trousseaux set, please just let me know... These can easily be worn for your own trousseaux, and are approximate sizes 6. The condition is Excellent with the exception of the minor storage marks, and one small hole in the lower silk gown and staining on the ribbon (see photos). 1900 Breathtaking Lavender Silk Charmeuse and Chiffon Trained Dressing Gown with Angelic Sleeves! every once in a while, I take photos and this very strange light comes into the room (you can see it just to the right of the right sleeve). :) I'm not surprised this woman would want to stay with this gown. The color is still a vibrant lavender silk satin or charmeuse with double rows of light pink/lavender chiffon ruffles edging the hemline, collar, down the front, and sleeves. I found only two small watermarks on the chiffon hemline (see photo), and any other issues are so tiny as to be nearly invisible. Not sure what the word is between "old" and "1905" but in addition to this inscription, there is an old sticker with a handwritten "1780". Bailey's sweetheart, as this was the fashion of the time... I always tell my customers that I seek out unique and interesting items.... Other fabulous details include: Scalloped edges, Embroidered roses, Pintucks, Bobbin Lace inserts, all in a bright white-white. :) Camisole is in Very Good condition, but as you can see from the last photos, there are a few issues.... The ribbons are new (yes, I put them on), so if you prefer another color ribbon, it's simple to do! I was so happy to get the collection of SILK pieces with original ribbons and bows! though all these original silk ribbons are very fragile, but they are very simple to replace... The elastic that is hidden inside the hemline of this camisole is "dead" so you can leave as is (it's a crop top like this) or replace if you prefer a more blouson cami. Also, the elastic that is hidden inside the hemline of this camisole is "dead" so you can leave as is (it's a crop top like this) or replace if you prefer a more blouson cami. I was lucky enough to get a few pieces of new old deadstock lingerie from the Great Granddaughter of A. The lace is in Excellent condition as is the silk, but the original ribbons are fragile, but they are very simple to replace... quite small and you can get creative to cover, repair, or whatever.... There is one teeny tiny mark on the upper back barely worth a mention. You'll need to re-sew the hooks at the back neck as well. It's a 60's print, with a 70's shape, with a 70's Pucci logo. :) Ties match beautifully, but I have no idea if they are original. These open-weave corsets were worn during the summer for a little extra air-conditioning. Also, the elastic that is hidden inside the hemline of this camisole is "dead" so you can leave as is (it's a crop top like this) or replace if you prefer a more blouson cami. Israel of Worcester, MA who (as you can see from his original calling card) was a Manufacturer of Ladies Underware, Wrappers and Tea Gowns. Great if you want to wear this as a wearable blouse/top. I used light blue, but you can change it to any color for just a few dollars and about 5 minutes. Israel of Worcester, MA who (as you can see from his original calling card) was a Manufacturer of Ladies Underware, Wrappers and Tea Gowns. I just prefer to keep the originals as long as possible. there is a heel tear near the bottom (see photo).... There is no ribbon on this piece, but certainly if you want, you can sew one on to look even prettier. Measures: up to 30" bust, 54" long from shoulder to hem. I date it both to 1960s and 1970s as it's confusing. I've kept it for many years as it was a wearable size, and figured someday I might need it. The most important one is the "26" which means it will fit a human today! So then it's "hold on to the bedpost and get your maid to yank"! According to the other stamps, this is made of English Netting.

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