Dating and sex tales is diane keaton dating keanu reeves

From coast to coast, these drag performers have pretty much seen it all, so let them regale you with their wise words.Back when I was a single gay first dabbling in the world of online hookups, I invited a guy over to my place one lonely Valentine’s Day to fool around. ” and in that moment I had to make a quick decision, so I just say, “Yeah.”He then goes on to say, “She’s crazy.

I’m insistent that his story is untrue, and he says, “Are you calling my friend a liar? ”At this point he’s standing on the other side of my door, and I muster my best Joan Crawford/Peaches Christ voice and say, “Well, my dear, I know your friend was never blown by Peaches Christ, because were just blown by Peaches Christ! If you’re dating a drag queen, wig hair will clog your drains and collect in the corners of your home from now until the end of time. So, though I have a few entertaining stories about sexual encounters while in drag, they’re mostly too long and explicit.

He needs to be the one you truly love; he needs to be the priority, and anyone else should be nowhere near as valuable as your man is, whether it’s sexually, emotionally or physically.

Your partner should never have to question if the next guy has something you may want more than what he has.

”Catch Ambrosia at Salad Saturdays, every Saturday at L.

A.’s premier gay craft cocktail spot, Bar Mattachine Looking for the perfect gift for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day? A lot of guys tend to put up a certain front to make themselves more desirable in the beginning, but if you’re not being honest about what will make you happy, the chances of those needs being met (if a relationship develops) are slim to none.

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