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Kodi uses SQLite, an open source light-weight SQL database-engine, to store all its library related data (Music, Video, and Program databases).

By default, the database files (*.db) are stored in The User Data Folder, specifically in userdata/Database.

Note that the column containing the movie's release year is labelled simply "c07." The tables further down this page help you find out which columns contain the information you're looking for. Lists your movies including, in this order, internal ID, internal file ID, rating, movie year, IMDB ID, movie name and movie plot.

Now the following query is a bit more complex because it joins 3 movie-related tables (movie, files and path) to list a single useful view of your movies.

"Select" is a SQL command used to gather data (in the form of "rows") out of a SQL database.

Your select statement will include: Note that "*" is used to indicate all fields.

It has no relationship with the albums actually in the user's music collection, it is just details about the artist. This is a lookup table that enumerates the song genre values read from the genre tags embedded in music files e.g. But could contain anything that has been given as a "genre", and is not strictly limited to music genres.

We do that in the table tvshow, and every episode of the TV show can access all of that information using just the TV show's ID.If you are not already familiar with SQL syntax, it would probably be a good idea to check out a general tutorial, such as this one.For most Kodi development projects, you're going to be doing select statements.Also,there is no "where" clause in this statement, so it returns every row in the table.This query narrows down the results to just those movies released in 2007.

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